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Quantum Theory: Consciousness Accounted for in Its Own Terms?

~July 14, 2023

The description of quantum theory given by Erwin Schrödinger in his famous “cat paper” is entirely information-theoretical but not physical....  Read more...


Curious Universe, Us and AI

~April 22, 2023

One universe, one consciousness, one intelligence... an ever-changing manifold of reflections driven only by curiosity...  Read more...


The Way How Curiosity May Guide Science (And Us) To Avoid Nuclear Armageddon And Other Existential Threats

~February 18, 2023

“Those who fight for freedom with the technologies of death end by living in fear of their own technology.” — Freeman Dyson...  Read more...


A Call on Science to Eradicate Nukes

~April 21, 2022

“Extraordinary problems require extraordinary solutions. If we need a magic wand to eradicate nukes, then we have to make the magic wand, first, and use it to eradicate nukes, second...  Read more...

Abstract Chess

Twisted Variables

~September 4, 2021

“The twisting of the conductors is carried out in order to increase the degree of connection between the conductors of one pair...  Read more...

Twisted Pair

Friston Free Energy

~May 10, 2021

The term inference in Karl Friston’s theory means the derivation of an unknown cause from a known consequence....  Read more...

Free Energy


~May 1, 2021

A mathematical model of just one neuron can predict...  Read more...


Fly, Snail, Fly!

~April 27, 2021

Sea angels are snails that have learned to fly...  Read more...

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